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20L-200L Modular Fermentation tank/Bright Beer Tank

Tid: 2020-12-15 Kommentar: 6

Equipment Function:

 ●3 or more fermenters/Ljusa öltankar, simultaneous or independent refrigeration


Skidmonterad, snygg, plug and play, bästa valet för hembryggning och pilotstudie.

● Låg kostnad

● Mått: 3500x570x1050mm (H)

         Vårtjäsning part is equipped with: pressure manhole, RTD-PT100 temperature probe, hops feeding port, CIP cleaning, diaphragm pressure gauge, thermometer, sampling valve, wine outlet, sewage outlet, safety valve, CO2 oxygen filling device, stainless steel butterfly valve, refrigeration control system.

              Most craft beer breweries start their business from nano systems. COFF has been dedicated to providing complete custom solution from design, manufacture, installation to aftersale service. With COFF, you are sure to raise your value.

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