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10BBL single-layer brite tank, 20BBL single-layer brite tank, 7BBL brite tank, 7BBL bir tank fermentasi, geus réngsé sampurna tur bakal dikirim ka Vancouver, Kanada

Waktos: 2022-08-02 mairan: 60

A guest from Vancouver, Canada, we started to cooperate in 2019. The customer ordered a 5bbl steam heating mashing system. Now, due to the expansion of production capacity and the expansion of the factory, the order quantity this time consists of 2sets 10BBL single-layer brite tanks and 3sets 20BBL single-layer brite tanks. 1set 7BBL brite tank, 1set 7BBL fermentation tank. It will be shipped on July 30, 2022. The customer said that waiting for the product to be received, he will video toast with us to celebrate. Congrats on his business getting better and better.

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