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0.2BBL-2BBL Modular Fermentation Tank / Caang Beer Tank

Waktos: 2020-12-14 mairan: 14

Equipment Function:

 ●3 or more fermenters/bright beer tanks, simultaneous or independent refrigeration


Skid dipasang, katingali saé, nyolok sareng muter, pilihan anu pangsaéna pikeun pabrik bumi sareng studi pilot.

● Waragad murah

● Diménsi: 1590x590x1200mm (H)

         nufermentasi part is equipped with: pressure manhole, RTD-PT100 temperature probe, hops feeding port, CIP cleaning, diaphragm pressure gauge, thermometer, sampling valve, wine outlet, sewage outlet, safety valve, CO2 oxygen filling device, stainless steel butterfly valve, refrigeration control system.

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