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1BBL Brewhouse ea Motlakase

Nako: 2020-12-02 Tlhaloso: 18

Due to the pandemic, nano brew system is more and more popular among home brew lovers. To meet market need, COFF pushes out series of home brew system. 

1BBL Brewhouse ea Motlakase

Consisted of: mash-lauter tun, kettle and HLT

Likarolo: Skid-mounted, plug le play, ponahalo e ntle, e bolokang chelete, khetho e ntle bakeng sa ritelo ea lapeng;

Size: 2770x1150x1500mm


Brewing system is fitted with milled lauter screen (4mm thickness), rectangular manway, electric element, RTD-PT100 tem-sensor, liquid level tube, sanitary SUS pipes and valves, thermometer, pump (VFD optional), motor drive agitation optional,  Heat exchanger with wort aeration device, control panel, hop strainer, sparge coiler, SUS platform etc.

Ho fumana lintlha tse ling, pls ikopanye le