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Afar weel oo 40 cagood ah oo leh 6000L iyo 3000L taangiyada halsano ayaa si guul leh loo raray waxayna diyaar u yihiin in loo raro Melbourne Australia.

Waqtiga: 2022-06-14 Faallo: 3

In 2018, this Australianmacaamiisha spent nearly 8 months ilaasiixiriirt nala. Maybe there werelots of worries because he has never cooperated with us before, and wondered whether our quality was good or not. In 2019, he placed a trial order to us after a spot investigation at Coff. I clearly remember that the trial order were 2 units 10BBL fermenters. Since then, he has been keeping close contact with us. Trust and Coff's quality control of each product makes customers more recognize our quality.