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Dalabka 6000L iyo 3000L fermenters ee Melbourne Australia wuu dhamaanayaa  

Waqtiga: 2022-05-03 Faallo: 2

Munaasabada 10th 2022, four 40-foot containers of 6000L and 3000L fermenters will be sent to Melbourne Australia. Coffshaqaalaha are doing the final finishing work. Coffdo twice jacket pressure tests and twice in-tank pressure tests for each orders and each tanks, and provide the pressure test reports to customers.  This macmiilka began business with usfrom 2019 and always keep close communication and procurement. Coffconsider customers' needwada jir kaplace overall arrangement, then designsheygas and finally produce the wax soo saarkas. Webandhigay 3D drawings, especially the brewhouse system. The customers can see much cader and have a more effective isgaarsiinta with us. We only need customers ilaatell us theirrequirements, and we will complete all the design until the customers confirmed the drawings forwax soo saarka.