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3BBL Oil Heating Beer Brewing System Order To Chicago USA Is Going Into The Wort Pipeline Connection Section

Waqtiga: 2022-06-01 Faallo: 4

3BBL oil heating beerDiidmada nidaamkaamar si Chicago USAayaa galaya the wort pipeline connection section. The agreed delivery time is June 10, 2022. Coffshaqaalahaare doing the finalshaqada eewort pipeline connection and cleaning.

This customer who is fromChicago USA found us through Google. Aftermid ka mid toddobaad's communication, ugu dambayntiina wuxuu soo saaray amar ilaa Coff. He told us that he had seenour 2BBL oil heating beerDiidmadasystem in Denver. This time he needed toadd his own idea of beermaking habits intoqalabka taas oo ka dhigaysa unique. Whether it is an urgent new or a long-term cooperation customer,Daboolmar walbasoo saarohigh-quality products to our customers.