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Nidaamka Mash kululaynta Saliida ee 300L oo ku dhaw Dhamaystirka Martida Austria

Waqtiga: 2021-05-25 Faallo: 51

       The 300L equipment of the new customer from Austria is about to be completed, and it takes only one month before and after the negotiation to place the order.The trust of customers is the biggest support for COFF.  COFF will also give back to every customer who trusts us with sincere heart and superior product quality.

        Due to the site reason, the hot water tank equipped with this 300L nidaamka mash kululaynta saliidda equipment is 150L. We are willing to make every effort to help the customer complete the plan required by the customer and meet the customer's requirements.



        Ha ka waaban inaad waydiiso su'aalahaaga, waxaanan isku dayi doonaa inaan ku caawino sidaad xalka aad rabto

Waxaa qoray Jessie Min