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20L Electric Brewing (cabbirka caadiga ah ayaa la heli karaa)

Waqtiga: 2020-12-09 Faallo: 67

      Faa'iidooyinka qalabka:Skid mounted, nice looking, plug and play, best choice for home brewing and pilot study.Low cost.Dimension: 1100 (L) x 630(W) x 1000mm(H)


20L Electric Brewing (cabbirka caadiga ah ayaa la heli karaa)


     Configuration of saccharification part:Milling sieve plate, the plate thickness 4 mm, the top manhole, built-in electric heating rods, RTD - PT100 temperature sensor, sanitary stainless steel pipe, stainless steel butterfly valve, thermometer, pump, manual mixing and plow knife, SS304, 2 mm, (oil film drawing) push button control cabinets, stainless steel Heat exchanger with wort aeration with wort oxygenation device assembly, Heat exchanger, hop filters, equipment, stainless steel base material, Sparge ring with sprayers, configuration, the hot water wash bad device,For washing up.

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