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1BBL~3BBL Dab-ka-qarinta tooska ah

Waqtiga: 2020-12-02 Faallo: 63

Faafida dartiis, nano-brew nano ayaa aad iyo aad uga dhex caan baxay dadka guryaha jecel. Si loo daboolo baahida suuqa, COFF waxay soo saartaa nidaamka wax-soo-saarka guriga. 

1BBl~3BBL Direct Fire Brewhouse

Consisted of:mash-lauter tun, kettle


Skid mounted, beautiful appearance, cost-effective, plug and play, best choice for home brewing and pilot study.

Size: 1800x960x1300mm  1BBL

         2050x1150x1520mm  2BBL

 2050x1150x1520mm  3BBL


Brewing system is fitted with milled lauter screen (4mm thickness), rectangular manway, false combustor, perforated chamber wall protected with aluminium silicate cotton, RTD-PT100 tem-sensor, liquid level tube, sanitary SUS pipes and valves, pump (VFD optional), motor drive agitation optional,  Heat exchanger with wort aeration device, control panel, hop strainer, sparge coiler, SUS platform etc.

Most craft beer breweries start their business from nano systems. COFF has been dedicated to providing complete custom solution from design, manufacture, installation to aftersale service. With COFF, you are sure to raise your value.

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