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Zakaj ne priporočamo električnega ogrevanja v pivovarni

Čas: 2020-07-10 Komentar: 128

The most cause is that an electrical bar can produce over 200℃ local heating at the time of working. Such high temperatures can lead to carbonization on the surface of the bar. When it is in dense wort, the wort adheres to the electric bar hot surface generating char aroma which definitely affects beer flavor.

The carbonization is not easy to clean up, we’d suggest 5% boiled soda to wash it. Thus we shall be more willing to recommend steam or thermal oil heating system. Steam achieves a temperature of 143℃ while pressure has 3bar only, a very idea heating method.

In addition we do not recommend immersion electric heating in general doesn’t mean we do not produce beer brewing equipment in electric heating. In fact it is an ideal option in some areas.



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