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Fermentorji s prostornino 30 bbl, ki bodo odposlani v New York v ZDA, so podvrženi tlačnemu preskusu plašča

Čas: 2023-03-21 Komentar: 13

30bbl fermenters which will be shipped to New York, USA is undergoing jacket pressure test.

Recently, our workshop is very busy. 

Today, we will talk about the order from New York, USA: For the 30bbl fermentation tank, we are carrying out pressure test on the  jakna.  Usually, we will test two rounds, each round of 15-20 hours, to avoid leakage phenomenon after installation of cladding. 

We need quality testing in each process, so as to provide our customers with the best izdelkov. This is the mission of all the people at SPOMIN, and we continue to do it!

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