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Ameriški mednarodni sejem Craft Beer Technology Show 2023 bo potekal od 7. do 10. maja v kongresnem centru Nashville v Tennesseeju v ZDA.

Čas: 2023-04-25 Komentar: 23

The 2023 American InternationalCraft pivoTechnology Show will be held from May 7 to May 10 at the Nashville Convention Center in Tennessee, USA. The American International Craft Beer Technology Show is sponsored by the Brewers Association of America. It is an annual event held at the same time as the American International Craft Beer Convention CBC. It is currently a large and well-known international craft beer technology exhibition and craft conference in the United States.

The exhibition, which travels to different cities in the United States every year, will be held in Nashville, Tennessee in 2023 after a successful opening in Minneapolis in 2022. At the exhibition site, whether visitors or exhibitors, you will have the opportunity to exchange domestic and international winemaking expertise and experience with wine industry experts. At the same time, in this platform to develop profitable trade relations, in addition to enjoying the exhibitors to provide good and new products and services, your own business development opportunities should not be missed.

Unfortunately, due to the epidemic,wedidn't participate in the registration, so we can't go to the site this year to feel and make new friends. In the past, we could get to know a lot of interesting friends in the exhibition, and some of them became our partners, which is the happiest thing in the exhibition!

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