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Komercialni sistem za pripravo hladne kave (kavarna)

Čas: 2022-12-06 Komentar: 47

Recently we launched a new product - Komercialni sistem za pripravo hladne kave.

The detailed parameters as following:

1)Vorlauf diverter for recirculation;
2)Stainless steel platform with stairs and rails;
3)Stainless steel built;
4)Stainless steel hard plumbings,valves,clamps and fittings;
5)Stainless steel Y-strainer for secondary filter(50micron,or customized size);
6)Stainless steel CIP high-flow 360deg.converage rotary spray ball;
7)Thermowell with temp probe(pt100);
8)Easy removal from grain out door;
9)Stainless steel centrifugal pump;
10)Platform with control panel mounted;
11)Control panel included temp controller,pump,light sight glass,rake and plow,flow meter(as option) etc;
12)Coffee Grant;
13)Glycol jackets on vessel for cooling purpose;
14)Coffee hydrator with water inlet and flow meter(as option);
15)LED light;
16)Threaded and adjustable footpad mount on legs;
17)Sight tube with sample port (as option);
18)Laser cut 400micron/0.4mm stainless steel false bottom/screen;


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