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10BBL Pivovarna z neposrednim pogonom, poslana v Houston ZDA.

Čas: 2021-08-17 Komentar: 30

Last week, 10BBL direct-fired brewhouse was loaded at COFF factory and shipped to Houston US.

It is a two-vessel system, including mash-lauter tun, direct-fired kettle-whirlpool tun and electric HLT.

Mash rake fitted with transfrequency motor. Arguably the most labor-intensive part of any brew day is graining out. Equipped with a mash rake to reduce striations in o mash, when the powerful Eurodrive rake motor is switched into reverse, the paddles automatically lock into place and push the grain out of the open door. Through this process, it is possible to remove nearly all spent grain from the mash tun without the need for manual labor.


HLT is fitted with electric element, use to provide hot water for mash and alsoto heat the wort during mashing.

Purchasing a brewhouse is one of the most crucial purchases when starting or expanding your brewery. The entire SPOMIN team, from engineers and designers to brewers and the technical team, are here to help stranke along the way. However, if you have a direct question you'd like to ask the team, feel free to email us at Jessie@nbcoff.com.


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