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10BBL mafuta otenthetsera makina opangira mowa moŵa amalizidwa

Nthawi: 2022-09-06 Ndemanga: 46

The 10BBL oil heating craft beer brewery system ordered by Denver customers in the United States has been completed and will be shipped from Ningbo Port to Denver, United States on September 15.

The system configuration is: 10bbl Mash&Lauter, 10bbl boiling&whirlpool(oil heating), 30bbl hot water tank (electric heating), 30bbl cold water tank, this customer has ordered oil heating craft beer brewery system from us for the third time.


Ordered the second generation 2bbl oil heating craft beer brewery system in 2018,

Ordered the fourth generation 3bbl oil heating craft beer brewery system in March 2022,

Ordered the fourth generation 10bbl oil heating craft beer brewing system will be shipped in September 2022.

After 3 years of use and operation of the oil heating system, this customer gave us the evaluation: simple operation, high heat energy, energy saving, and no noise. It has been 3 years since ordering the second generation of equipment, and as his bar business expands, the speed of updating the equipment is also very fast. This time, he added a lot of his favorite elements to the 10bbl oil heating craft beer mashing system. For example, installing an oil heating tube on the Lauter tun can increase the heat during the wort circulating and filtering, so as to better decompose the protein in the malt and shorten the boiling time and improve the efficiency of the boiling pot.

Tikufunira mlendo wathu wa Denver bizinesi yabwino ya bala, tikumufunira zabwino, cheers!

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