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Removal of trub

Wort contains a variety of protein compounds, some of them have to be removed in order to prevent the taste and stability of beer be affected. At the stage of boiling, clear wort gradually turns to be turbidity, protein changes, solubility decreases, and the flocculent trub show up. The useless trub is separated and removed in a whirlpool vessel, it is also regarded as a process that removes high polymer proteins.



The oxidation degree of melanoidin and polyphenols determines the color of wort. During the boiling process, some amino acids start a Maillard reaction with reducing sugars, producing a kind of acidic reducing substance called melanoidin, the more melanoidin produced the darker color achieved. However, some of the polyphenols in hops easily oxidized into bronzing, darkening the color of beer.


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Post time: Jun-17-2020


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