• New Packing Design for 10BBL Fermenters

      In order to save freight in favor of one of our US customers, COFF made a new packing design, by which 4 sets of slim fermenters are fixed together with a frame and loaded in the container by one-off push. It gains much praise from the customer!!  
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  • On January 16, 2020, seven days to the Spring Festival

    On January 16, 2020, seven days to the Spring Festival, all COFF staff are working hard on equipment production, with which we have promised to ship within 3 days before the holiday. Time is tight so every staff is making every effort to guarantee shipment in time just like what our tenet says “C...
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  • COFF is brewing their own beer with its patent product, 100L Oil Heating Brewhouse

    On Dec 21, 2019, COFF’s president, NEO, is brewing Ale Beer, which will be given to all COFF staff as their new year present! Moreover, every brewing is a test and evaluation for COFF’s equipment, through which the machine will be improved in technology and performance on condition of practical u...
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  • Production Process of 20BBL\30BBL Fermenters, Brite Beer Tanks and 3-Layer Lager Tanks

       As the biggest Chinese holiday, the Spring Festival is round the corner, all COFF staff are working hard in the workshop day and time in order to guarantee the delivery to US before the festival. Tenets of COFF people: Customer first, considerate service!    
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  • Patent Product Show in BrauBeviale 2019

    In the latest Nuremberg fair, BrauBeviale 2019, COFF shows their patent product, the Oil Heated Brewhouse System, which has attracted quite many eyes including competitors and customers. The exhibit was sold immediately in the fair.
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  • 10BBL Fermenters ready for shipping to Australia

    On Nov 16, 2019, 10BBL fermenters are ready in a container for shipping to Melbourne, Australia. Thanks for customers’ trust in COFF.      
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  • Oil Heating Brewhouse

    COFF has developed the third generation of Oil Heating Brewhouse with 2 years since we began to make the research over one years ago. The brewhouse system has advantages of taking small space, convenient operation and saving energy. From initial only 1BBL system, COFF has developed 1 to 5 BBL mod...
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  • Shippment means customer’s belief in COFF.

    On Oct. 17, new shipment to US. , including 30BBL Fermenter, 30BBL Brite Beer Tank, 10BBL Cool Ship and 5BBL lager tanks.
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  • There is a reason why COFF beer has clear and pure color. The boiling effect decide it.

    On Sep. 20, 2019 after 15 days of fermentation, The COFF staff finished their own beer brewing with their own patent product, 1BBL Oil Heating Brewhouse and a fermenter with independent chillers.  
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  • 60BBL Hot Liquor Tank with Burned Protection

    Another big tank, 60BBL Hot Liquor Tank was shipped to US on Aug. 6th, 2019, for which we made burned protection design and a kind of heat resisting material, Aluminium silicate cotton is adopted as insulating material. COFF product is appraised again by US customer.
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  • 60BBL Double Insulating Stacked Brite Tanks on Customer’s site

    The picture is sent from US customer of COFF after installation on customer site, who is quite satisfied with the tanks. It is 60BBL double insulating stacked brite tanks. Let’s cheer for both delicate brewing equipment and delicious beer!
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  • 60BBL Hot Liquor Tank shipped to US

    On Aug. 2nd, 2019, 60BBL double insulating Hot Liquor Tank made by COFF was shipped to US. The tank is electrical heated, fitted with burned protection.
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