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Нарачката од 3000L резервоар за ферментација во Калифорнија САД беше совршено завршена

Време:-2022 05 23- Коментар: 8

The order of 3000L резервоар за ферментацијадо California USA was perfectly finished today. This California customer found us through Google. Afterедна неделаКомуникација, he finally placed an orderдо Coff. He told us Дека he wanted to tryone fermentation tank to know our quality first  because it was the first време за cooperate.It was in a hurry, we needed to complete the product in 20 days. Today weготовиот the product and showed some detailsза тебе.Без разлика што еan new customer"surgent order or a long-term cooperated customer, we will alwayskeep providingвисоко quality products to our customers.