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Одговорноста е потешка од планината Таи

Време:-2021 04 20- Коментар: 28

Due to effect of the COVID-19 pandemic, few people go to brewpub to enjoy fresh craft beer. However, to maintain daily business, more and more brewpub owners turn to beer filling machine for production of cans and bottls beer. Quite a few customers of COFF need such machine and commission COFF to purchase cost-effective filling machines for them.

Со одговорност за клиентите, COFF избира сигурен и искусен добавувач. Под услов да не се зголеми клиентот"s cost, COFF coordicates the supplier to add CO2 filling device before canning, in consideration of descreasing oxygen conten in can beer. Besides, for all filling machine factories, water is used for running test after production. However, in order to realize better performace, COFF purchased craft beer from market and took it to the supplier workshop to do the test. Being responsible both for customers and COFF has been COFF people"бизнис принцип.

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