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50L Electric Brewhouse

Tempus: 2020, 12 02, Comment: 40

Due to the pandemic, nano brew system is more and more popular among home brew lovers. To meet market need, COFF pushes out series of home brew system. Now let's introduce them one by one.

50L Electric Brewhouse

Consisited of: mash-lauter tun, kettle, CLT, 3X50L Unitank

Features: Skid-mounted, plug and play, beautiful appearance, cost-effective, best choice for home brew;

Magnitudine: 4300x1100x2050mm


Brewing system is fitted with electric element, straining basket, RTD-PT100 tem-sensor, liquid level tube, sanitary SUS pipes and valves, pump (VFD optional), Heat exchanger with wort aeration device, control panel.

Fermenting system includes: 3x50L unitank, RTD-PT100 tem-sensor, hops port, CIP, pressure gauge, sampling valve, racking arm, draining port, safety valve, carbonation stick and SUS valves etc.

Pleraque calliditate braciniis cerevisiae negotium suum a systematibus nano inchoant. COFF dicatus est ad solutionem perficiendam a consilio, fabricando, institutione ad serviendum postsale instituendum. Cum COFF, certus es valorem tuum elevare.

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