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1BBL Electric Brewhouse

Tempus: 2020, 12 02, Comment: 45

Ob pandemiam, nano celia ratio magis ac magis popularis inter celia amantes domi. Ad mercatum opus occurrere, COFF seriem celiae domesticae pellat. 

1BBL Electric Brewhouse

Consisted of: mash-lauter tun, kettle and HLT

Features: Skid-escendere, plug et ludere, pulchra species, sumptus efficens, optima electio pro celia domus;

Size: 2770x1150x1500mm


Brewing system is fitted with milled lauter screen (4mm thickness), rectangular manway, electric element, RTD-PT100 tem-sensor, liquid level tube, sanitary SUS pipes and valves, thermometer, pump (VFD optional), motor drive agitation optional,  Heat exchanger with wort aeration device, control panel, hop strainer, sparge coiler, SUS platform etc.

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