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100L Home Brew Pilot System & Brew House for shipping Ad California, USA

Tempus: 2020, 12 29, Comment: 46

100L home brew pilot system et brew house.

       Modular design, beautiful appearance, no installation, plug and play, suitable for private brewing, size: length x width x height: 24000x920x2000mm,.

       Functions: saccharification filter tank, boiling rotary sink, hot water tank.Configuration: milling sieve plate, sieve plate thickness 4mm, side square grain design, table with wort detection device, heat exchanger with wort oxygenation device, hops filter, stainless steel pushbutton control cabinethttps.


        Pleraque calliditate braciniis cerevisiae negotium suum a systematibus nano inchoant. COFF dedicata est ad plenam consuetudinem solutionem a consilio, fabrica, institutione ad servitutem postea praestandam. Cum COFF, certus es valorem tuum extollere.

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