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Сыра өндүрүүчүлөр Wort жасашат, ачыткы сыра жасайт

Убактысы: 2020-07-10 Комментарий: 16

Лагердик сыра бышыруу техникалык жана кечиримсиз болот, ал эми бүгүнкү күндө сыра өндүрүүчүлөр көйгөйдү көтөрүп, ачыткы бактылуу болуш үчүн, дүйнөнүн ири бренддеринин пиво заводдорунда көп кездешкен горизонталдуу лагерлерди колдонушат.

Horizontal bright tanks/brite tank is usually put in the room with insufficient height. To save some space the tankscan be installed in several levels to maximize number of tanks . Usually you can see it in European due to old building and height issues.

The transparent flavor of the lager yeast strains means there’s less for flaws to hide behind, and deficiencies in a brewer’s process or ingredients stand out on the palate.

As lager styles grow in popularity, some brewers are looking to a time-tested technique to help speed up production and keep their lager yeast happy. Instead of cold-conditioning in the ubiquitous stainless-steel cylindroconical fermentation vessels or “unitanks”, brewers are turning the lagering phase on its side, literally. The horizontal lagering tank is finding a home in the small independent brewery.

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