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The first Oil Heating Brewhouse System आविष्कार किया गया था 2017 में, for which we have got the certificate of patent ( Certificate No. ZL 2018 2 1498858.5). Compared with traditional steam and electric heating, it has the advantages:


Energy saving:   electricity consumed बहुत less than steam heating as the oil is in cycle use, normally charged once a year.

Higher heating efficiency

Oil temperature setting: 150~ 170:

28 से 60 के लिए, heating time: 30min;

60 से 80 के लिए, heating time: 20min;

80 से 100 के लिए, heating time: 30min;

Uniform heating with higher boiling intensity and better coagulative performance, effectively avoid partially over cooking caused by direct fire or electric heating;

Skid- mounted,convenient installation,saving more space;

Cost saving. No need of boiler or burner;

Simultaneous heating of both tuns.

The oil is safe and environmental as it is used in heat radiator.


Since the first system was produced in 2017, it has experiences 4 generaltions by continuous improvement. Now Oil Heating Brew System, over twenty sets been exported to US, Austria, Portugal, Japan and Thailand etc.