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Cहमसे संपर्क करें
  • Xiannan Shu


    Mr. Shu insists, small details like a person's favorite show, could say something about them. He is a detail maniac, not only pays incredible attention to equipment details but also crazy about beer tastes.

  • Baron Zhang

    सह संस्थापक

    More than 10 years craft brewing experiences and exporting experiences,high sense of responsibility.

  • Baisheng Lv

    प्रक्रिया इंजीनियर

    Over 30 years of experience in the brewery equipment field, always focusing on ways to make our systems work more efficiently. CADA senior beer taster.

  • जू चेन

    आर एंड डी इंजीनियर

    A new star in the brewery equipment field, 5-years professional in 3D design, love home brewing, and have a keen eye for the latest industry trend.

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