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Equipo: 2021-10-04 Comment: 2

The COFF people have always focusing on every detail of product and highly emphasizing product quality. "Detalles o éxito ou o fracaso" foi unha das persoas COFF's valores máis altos.


Though most customers require 0.3MPa for hydraulic test pressure of jackets and 0.1 for air tightness of tanks, the COFF people make it 0.45MPa for hydraulic test and 0.2 MPa for air tightness, with holding time from publicly accpeted 4~8 hours extended to at least 12 hours, in order to improve the safety grade. What's more, from 2021 all hydraulic test are proceeded  twice: once after jackets being welded, the other time after acid pickling of the tank.

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