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Telefon: +86 13819801855

Hinzufügen : Industriegebiet Luojiang, Stadt Hemudu, Stadt Yuyao Ningbo, China

F: Was ist die Vorlaufzeit?
A:Our lead time is 6-8 weeks. There are 2-3 weeks for material purchasing, and we also need time to fabricate.

Q:Do you offer warranty for your products?
A:We provide a three-year warranty for stainless steel vessels on the function and finish. The warranty period begins on the ex Works delivery date.

Der Garantieanspruch muss bei Coff eingereicht werden, sobald der Schaden auftritt. Wir behalten uns das Recht vor, beschädigte Teile zu untersuchen.

Q:Can you provide ODM service with private logo?
A:Coff has been working with a number of American and European brands since its establishment. We provide design service for all customers.
Privates Logo ist funktionsfähig.

Q:How can I be a beer brewing equipment reseller or an agent of COFF?
A:You do not have to know a lot of professional knowledge, as our dedicated team of innovative professionals will work with you to create solutions from design, engineering, production to installation, no matter you are a start-ups or experienced brewers.

Q:Do you present new products in a certain period?
A:Our R&D team is continuously focused on the cutting-edge brewing techniques, and develop high performance, cost-effective brewing equipment.
In diesem Jahr des Jahres 2020 haben wir die dritte Generation des Thermalölheizungs-Sudhauses auf den Markt gebracht, das im Vergleich zu herkömmlichen Dampfheizgefäßen große Vorteile erzielt. Klicken Sie auf die neue Ausrüstung, um mehr zu sehen.


Q:Do you sell to U.S.? 

A:Our main market is U.S., we are working with a number of resellers and importers in the states.
Wenn Sie einen Blick auf unsere Produkte in Ihrer Nähe werfen möchten, können Sie sich gerne an uns wenden.

Q:Will you specify a identified territory where customer can sell your products? 

A:We do not give our customers a kind of restriction in terms of territories, if there were conflict in the market, we will let you know.

Q:How'd you offer an installation service? 

A:We can send an engineering team or our engineers to assist you in the installation. 

Alternativ bieten wir technischen Support aus China.

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