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30BBL Bright Beer Serving Tanks

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Bright Tank is a dish-bottomed pressure-rated temperature-controlled tank used for carbonation of beer and to hold beer in preparation for kegging, bottling, canning and packaging. The word “bright” refers to “bright beer”, beer that has been filtered after leaving a uni-tank or lagering fermenter and be directed into a bright tank in clear. In brewpubs, the bright tank is also the serving tank. Beer may run directly from this tank to the taps at the bar.



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Let's face it: craft breweries may start out as small, manual operations, but the key to a successful craft brewery is scalability. As the demand for your product increases, you need to adjust your output. This is why Coff dedicated team is offering a tailor-made manufacturing solution from design to installation for your individual needs - with Coff equipment you can expect growth in value.
Why limit your brewery's potential with crude and inefficient equipment? Shall premium equipment be extremely expensive? Coff can bring your brewery to life with high performance, cost-effective brewing vessels that are fully made from selected SS304, use the best sanitary components and in an excellent surface finish to improve your operation.

- Head plate: SS304, 3mm
- Body: SS304, 3mm
- Dimple jacket: SS304, 1.5mm
- Exterior sheathing: SS304, 2mm, mill
- From 1BBL to full-scale vessels
- CIP system combines with rotating spray ball, diaphragm-seal pressure gauge, pressure adjusting apparatus, arm, and valve
- Designed headspace, over 20%
- Dual/triple dimple jackets provide high cooling efficiency
- Side/top manway with knobs for easy access
- Polyurethane insulation 80mm injected
- 100% TIG welding
- Polishing and passivation treatment on the metal surface
- PT100
- Liquidometer
- Adjustable leveling pads
- SS304 sanitary hard pipe, pressure regulator, butterfly valves, sample valve, relief valve, fittings
- Carb stone installed on the bottom

- Extensive quality control system (following ASMI standard)
- In-process inspectors
- At least 2 times operating pressure test before delivery
- Fully functional FAT capabilities
- Dedicated in-house FAT technicians
- Non-destructive Examination
- Material traceability reports
- Certification documents
Vertically integrated manufacturing processes from raw materials purchase, welding, polishing to packing
100% SS304 with 2B finish, only quality materials are selected

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