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15BBL Steam Brewhouse адпраўлены ў Каліфорнію. ЗША.

Час: 2021-08-23 Каментарыі: 2

15BBL 2-vessel Steam Сістэма самагонкі was loaded and shipped to the customer of California. The owner establised a small brewhouse 4 years ago by purchasing 200L brew system from COFF. Every year he added fermenting tanks to the system. Two years ago, he expanded his brewery by adding 10BBL brewhouse and fermenting tanks. This year one more bigger system will be placed in another brewery of his. All his orders are made by COFF as he trust COFF quality, for whichthe COFF people have been pursuing. 

Для атрымання дадатковай інфармацыі, калі ласка, звяжыцеся Jessie@nbcoff.com