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Yaponiyanın Yokohama şəhərində 500L Brewhouse-buxar qızdırılır

Saat: 2022-03-09 Comment: 26


Our customer in Yokohama Island Yaponiya contacted us vasitəsilə google 2019 ilə. At that time, he provided us bu floor plan according to his facility,

Coff's team designed and made the 3D for him to view according to his ideas,and we marked and described the detailed routes of beer plumbings and glycol plumbings on the cellar tanks.

Coff always qoymaq customer first,the concept of service by heart has been recognized and trusted by customers. 

Th üçünESE səbəbs,the customer purchased the 500L turnkey brewhouse from Coff,it has been more than 3 years since the customer received the system.

We were told that his business is pretty good at a few days ago,he wanted

to grow up and expand his brewery,he would like to purchase more equipments from Coff again,

Here are the photoes in his brewery,Customers happy Coff Happy,Very good reputations is very important for Coff company.