• 60BBL Hot Liquor Tank with Burned Protection

    Another big tank, 60BBL Hot Liquor Tank was shipped to US on Aug. 6th, 2019, for which we made burned protection design and a kind of heat resisting material, Aluminium silicate cotton is adopted as insulating material. COFF product is appraised again by US customer.
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  • 60BBL Double Insulating Stacked Brite Tanks on Customer’s site

    The picture is sent from US customer of COFF after installation on customer site, who is quite satisfied with the tanks. It is 60BBL double insulating stacked brite tanks. Let’s cheer for both delicate brewing equipment and delicious beer!
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  • 60BBL Hot Liquor Tank shipped to US

    On Aug. 2nd, 2019, 60BBL double insulating Hot Liquor Tank made by COFF was shipped to US. The tank is electrical heated, fitted with burned protection.
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  • Mobile Strainer

    The Mobile Strainer was designed and manufactured by COFF Machinery in July of this year. Lever principle is adopted in design in order that the strainer could be inclined at different angles. The strainer will be shipped to the US at the end of July.
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  • 7BBL Open Top Fermenter, designed and made by COFF Machinery

    COFF Machinery designed and manufactured 7BBL Open Top Fermenter in July of this year, used for secondary fermentation. Lever principle is adopted in design in order that the top cover could be fixed at half open position. The fermenter will be shipped to the US at the end of July.
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  • Fermenters and brite tanks were ready to shipped to US customer

    It is 38°C in the workshop. However, to make shipping in time everybody of COFF kept working in wet clothes because of great heat. All tanks were perfectly packaged and firmly fixed in the container. Tanks include stacked fermenter, horizontal stacked brite tanks, open top fermenter and mobile st...
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  • Horizontal stacked tanks ready to deliver to the United States in July of 2019.

    Although there is a lack of optimism about Sino-US trade at present, our American guests still trust our quality and price, and continue to place orders and delivery in desperation.
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  • Thailand customers came to visit COFF

    In May of 2019, Thailand customers came to visit COFF and greatly praised COFF machineries.
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  • Even beer nerds can learn something on a Bitter Minnesota brewery bus tour

    And for people new to the craft beer scene, or maybe those who haven’t spent much time in one city or the other (the service operates in Minneapolis and St. Paul), I think it’s definitely worth the time and money. Tour guides drive you and a small group of fellow beer enthusiasts on a blue school...
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  • Brewing Technology

    Brewing is the output of beer through steeping a starch source (commonly cereal kernels) in water and then fermenting with yeast. It is completed in a brewery by a brewer, and the brewing commerce is part of most western economies. Brewing has taken place since the 6th millennium BC, and archaeo...
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  • Craft Beer becoming popular in China

    “Panda Beer,” ”Little General,” ”Flying Fist IPA,” and “Mandarin Wheat” are among the offerings on tap at a craft beer exhibition this week in Shanghai dedicated to expanding the palette of Chinese consumers and promoting sales of high-end brews. The 2018 Craft Beer of China Exhibition features ...
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  • The president of a famous US company came to visit COFF in May of 2017

      President of a famous US company came to visit COFF in May of 2017 and expressed intention of cooperation.
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