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1BBL Thermal Oil Heated Brewhouse

Comparing with the traditional steam heating brewhouse, the creative new-tech thermal oil heating avoids steam condensation and provides more possibility in reducing energy consumption in the working process, while achieving the same or better output.

The new brewhouse does not only provides better thermal stability but also an entire system to help you free from the heavy lifting of controlling every factor.

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Anyone who aims to run a successful beer brewing business has to face up to a huge array of challenges. How can I place a brewhouse into a very limited space while all functions enabled? How can I satisfy my guests' increasing demands without excessive energy consumption? Who can free me from the heavy lifting of controlling every factor of brewing? Who can support me with the best, most reliable technology and after-sales service?

Our dedicated team of innovative professionals will work with you to create a perfect solution from design, engineering, crafting, and installation for your individual project needs, no matter start-ups or experienced brewers. Our production team is highly skilled and always focusing on ways to make our systems work more efficiently, they will provide you with production status updates every step of the way.


  • Compact design and easy installation, suitable for individual/private brewers

  • No steam boiler/burner required

  • No condensate water

  • Thermal oil system is more efficient.

  • Hot oil vessel can operate at higher temperatures, that means 25% higher heating efficiency:

         oil temperature set at 150℃ (available up to 300℃)
         from 28°C to 60℃, heat-up time: 20min
         from 60°C to 80℃, heat-up time: 20min
         from 80°C to 100℃, heat-up time: 30min

  • Higher heating efficiency compared to steam heating, power saving;

  • High cost-effective, cost saving;

  • No need tap water to transmit heat, water saving;

  • Simultaneous heating of mash tun and kettle, time saving.

Our Services:

Tailor-made: 6-year experience
Production facility: 3,000m2
Local support: 18 countries
Annual turnover: 30 million Yuan
After sale: technical support on installation
Warranty: a three-year quality warranty, provide remedy free of charge.

Packaging & Shipping
LCL: plastic film and bubble film, fumigation free wooden case.
FCL: plastic film and bubble film, especially designed iron frame with fixtures for sea shipment.

Company Information

Established in Ningbo, China, Coff is a leading manufacturer specializing in beverage equipment. Our collections include but not limited to beer brewhouse, fermentation vessel, bright beer tank, HLT&CLT, CIP cart, grist hopper, hop back, mill, etc.
Quality, productivity, and flexibility are the key focus for Coff. Thanks to its vertically integrated manufacturing processes from raw materials purchase, welding, polishing, assembly to packaging, we provide a customization and OEM service from design concept through to cost-effective fabrication.

Being one of the most important manufacturers for premium brewing equipment in China, we’ve been working with a number of leading brands over the years, and our products have been well accepted and recognized by the equipment industries/breweries, for their excellent quality, design, function and service.



  • A vertically integrated manufacturing processes from raw materials purchase, welding, polishing to packing
  • 100% Stainless Steel 304, only quality materials are used
  • Modern technology: TIG welding, spot welding, laser welded on dimple jacket and tank bottom, trace welded pipes
  • Strictly controlled under ISO9001 quality management system

Top Quality:
● Extensive quality control system (following ASMI standard)
● In-process inspectors
● At least 2 times operation test before delivery
● Fully functional FAT capabilities
● Dedicated in-house FAT technicians
● Non-destructive Examination
● Material traceability reports
● Certification documents
● Integrated manufacturing processes
● 100% quality SS304 with 2B finish

Dear customers,
Thanks for your attention and interest in Coff products.
Should you have any questions or request further information on brewing equipment, please feel free to liaise with us. We shall be more than happy to assist your business.
Best regards.
Coff (Ningbo) Machinery Co., Ltd.

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