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Whole Process of Dried Jujube & Ginger Craft Beer Brewing

Time: 2021-01-08 Comment: 68

For COFF, today is a day to write this article because we not only sell all kinds equipment of mash system and fermentation tanks, but also we will often try to use our own different beer brewing equipment to brew kinds of beer.On the one hand we can detect equipment system's shortcomings to make improvement and innovation, and also can learn lots in the process of brewing craft beer knowledge, so that we can communicate with different customers effectively.

Today's brew is a new breed: Dried Jujube and Ginger Craft Beer.

Mashing system: 100L two-tun oil heating mashing equipment with hot water tank, 100L fermenter
   Formula: Barley (Australia) 17kg ,Wheat (domestic top class) 11.3kg
              Hops (Saaz USA) 125g

              Red jujube (domestic top) 5kg ginger 2kg (domestic)


These ingredients are mashed and ground before brewing to facilitate efficient brewing.

 Brewing time:

9:00-9:40  Water heating stage: in this stage, the water need to be heated to 60~ 65, waiting for the next saccharification feeding.

9.50-10:00 Pour the crushed barley and wheat into the mash tun. Whisk with agitator and mix well with water.


10:10-10:30 Keep the mixture temperature of malt and water in the mash tank at about 55to effectively decompose proteins. This time, soak for 20 minutes.

10:30-11:00 During the saccharization stage, the temperature is heated, and the solenoid valve of oil heating is started, and the temperature rises to 65.

11:0-11;20 Soak at 65 °C for 20 minutes to decompose the starch in the first stage.

11:35-12:25 Second stage of starch decomposition was carried out after soaking at 68for 50 minutes.

12:25-12:43 Start the oil heating solenoid valve to continue to heat the mash tun to 78.

12:43-13:03 Static for 20 minutes.

13:03-13:20 At this point, it is necessary to reflux the wort in the mash tun until the wort becomes clear. At the same time, the original wort concentration was 20.5°P.


13:20-13:45 The original wort starts to filter into the boiling tun waiting for the next boiling job.

14:15-15:22 Carry out three times washing,refluxing and filtering (some  can also be washing twice, 1-3 times washing depending on the wort concentration).


15:25-16:00 This stage is the boiling process. 16:00 Boiling effect achieved.


     Among them, 30g hops were added for the first time when the pot was boiling at 16:10. At 16:50, put the remaining 95g of hops into the boiling tun ; Put in the jujube at 16:30, and put in the ginger and ginger juice at 17:10. The final boiling concentration was measured at 14°P. Boiling capacity: 110L.



17:10-17:20 whirlpooling.

17:20-17:40 The static state after spinning (20 min)

17:40-  The clear wort after whirlpoor is poured into the fermenter for fermentation. At this time, it needs to be cooled through the heat exchanger and kept in the fermenter at 16.


This beer making experience is that to try new varieties of craft beer, we must do a good job in the early homework, so that we need not spend too much time in the brewing process or the input of materials can not effectively play its characteristics, resulting in the final taste of the craft beer is not very ideal.Brewing videos will continue to be updated on YouTube.Searchable:Ningbo Coff Machinery CO.,Ltd.

      We also hope to provide help to our customers through this article, and welcome your friends to give us some guidance on COFF.Looking forward to the next finished products to bring us different enjoyment, will timely share with you.


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