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Whole-hearted service for every customer -- to the COFF Team

Time: 2021-01-12 Comment: 71

      COFF's product updates and technology upgrades,from the first generation of professional patented oil heating mash tun to the fourth generation, from the latest launch ofhome-brewing and pilot system equipment, from the pipeline transformation of saccharizing equipment to the exquisite appearance of design,which can not be separated from the design team's hard work and wisdom of development.  



      Every time the COFF team communicates with customers, they will explain the characteristics of our products and answer questions in time.We will also take the initiative to help customers arrange site drawings and provide effective CAD drawings, packing drawings and other drawings so that customers will not worry about site, transportation, installation and other problems.



       We hope that in the New Year, COFF team will continue to carry forward innovation and serve every customer who likes COFF with our best advantage.


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