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What's The Difference Between Wheat Beer and Barley Beer

Time: 2020-06-15 Comment: 2547

Barley stout

       It is a subfermented whole wheat beer (a whole wheat beer is a beer with a raw wort concentration of 11 to 13°P).Generally the alcohol content is 4.8-5.0%vol.The taste is generally heavy, like coffee bitter, with malt charred, strong mellow.

Wheat stout

       It’s a dark wheat beer.It can also be called white beer (a type of pale beer, while wheat white is golden and wheat stout is brown), thus highlighting the variety of wheat beer.Wheat beer was fermented in the upper layer, and its original wort concentration was between 11 and 14.Its alcohol content is 5.0-6.0%vol(yeast can be done inside the bottle, settling yeast can generally be seen at the bottom of the bottle, in a cloudy colour).The whole wheat type beer has a fresh aroma (with a natural and simple aroma of wheat, hops, and a chocolate-like lubrication inside the wheat stout), sometimes accompanied by a delicate aroma.

        When it comes to taste, barley beer should be good to drink. Barley has the effect of beneficial gas, wide and melting food. It can help digestion, calm stomach and quench thirst, and eliminate heat.

        But when it comes to nutrition, wheat beer is more nutritious. Wheat is rich in starch, more protein, less fat, various minerals and B vitamins.Wheat beer is cheap and slightly less tasty!

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