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Time: 2020-07-09 Comment: 105

       More and more people are beginning to like to drink craft beer. Bosses are also aiming at the craft beer market and buying craft beer equipment. What do you know about the installation precautions of craft beer equipment?

        First, it will be installed by professional craft beer installers!

        The owner who has bought the craft beer equipment, do not install and repair the beer equipment, Ning Bo Coff Machinery CO.,LTD  has a professional equipment installation and debugging team to help you install.

        In addition, attention should be paid to the installation environment of craft beer machines, such as drainage and sanitation.If your craft beer machine is installed not on the first floor but on the second floor or elsewhere, consider the load-bearing capacity of the house and the laying of drainage and water supplies.

        Finally, craft beer equipment installation is a must to consider oneself use convenient: although craft beer machine use every day the number of not many, but if we don’t pay attention to the emissions equipment such as location, may appear himself when using the equipment is not convenient, you don’t literally put equipment in order to save space beer equipment.

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