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We're installing fermenters for our customers in Japan

Time: 2023-05-23 Comment: 18

We're installing fermenters for our customersthey  have 9fermentersnow include these two 600L fermenters, we bought some valves and pipes, then bring our equipment get to their store, we spent 3 hours to install all the pipes and wire lines and control system,everything is ok after test.their craft beer taste great!

Ningbo Shu Lin Craft Brewing started in 2018, equipment supplier:Ningbo coff Machinery (COFF). After 5 years, under the leadership of boss Han General Manager, Xiao Shu Lin adheres to the principle of imported raw materials. brewer Xiao Lu insists on continuous innovation and research of new varieties of craft brewing and becomes a dark horse in Ningbo. Meanwhile, Xiao Shu Lin has also experienced the discipline of the epidemic. On the contrary, the reputation and sales of Xiao Shu Lin craft Wine in Ningbo are getting bigger and bigger. We witness the growth of Shu Lin and the initial aspirations of President Han and  Xiao Lu.

Craft beer represents more than just a beverage option - it embodies a way of life. The rise of the craft beer movement has revolutionized the industry by valuing quality over quantity, diversity over homogeneity, and creativity over conformity. Each craft beer is a unique expression of the brewer’s vision and passion, crafted with care and attention to detail. It represents a connection to the local community, as small breweries often source their ingredients from nearby farms and suppliers. It also represents a commitment to sustainability, as many craft breweries use eco-friendly practices and packaging. Drinking craft beer is a sensory experience that engages the palate, the mind, and the heart. It brings people together, fosters conversation and camaraderie, and provides a glimpse into the artistry and innovation of modern brewing.


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