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Washington USA’s Order of 15BBL direct fire heating brewhouse system begins wort pipeline connection

Time: 2022-06-06 Comment: 45

The 15BBL direct fire heating brew house system ordered by Washington USA is in pipeline connection.This customer’s brewhouse equipment functions are: 15BBL mashing andlautering, 15BBL boiling andwhirlpool, 45BBL electric heating hot water tank. All wort pipelines adopt pneumatic butterfly valves. The adjustment ofcold and hot water mixing adopts manual diaphragm valves, which adjust the flow rate more accurately.Currently, the equipment is close to the final work. The agreed delivery time is June 17th, 2022. This customer found us as introduced by a Denvercustomer and saw our equipment at the scene.COFF has alwaysbeenstarting from the quality and the practicability of the equipment,which has woncustomers’ great praise. We have been continuously learningto improve the practicability of the equipments.


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