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I. Grist Milling System

Do not feed the mill with grist of high humidity otherwise much grist will stick to the rolls, which may affect milling performance. The rolls shall be cleaned up after every time of operation.

II. Mashing.

The water in the mash tun shall be over the electric element or the heating jackets; When lautering is too slow, loosen the grain instead of starting the agitator; The motor may be damaged when the valve of the wort pump is switched too little; Clean the mash tun after mashing is over but do not use hard material otherwise it may scratch the cladding of the tun.

III. Fermenting System.

Pay attention to the fermenting tank and do not operate it with pressure over the rated value; The fermenting temperature shall not decline too fast otherwise the liner may freeze with ice; All gauges shall be inspected once a year to keep it running in normal conditions; The outer wall of the tank also need cleaning termly, especially after fermentation each time; Acid pickling shall be done at regular intervals with the liner in order to wipe off the calculus.

IV. Control system.

Keep the cabinet working under rated voltage; electric element shall be replaced once damaged; The cabinet should be placed at ventilated place and the back of the cabinet should be kept dry and ; a cooling fan is advised to fit; 

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