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This is a craftbeer recipe, please check

Time: 2023-05-16 Comment: 26

Tried a recipe online that used Fruity Pebbles cereal so we gave it a try. Didn’t turn out too bad. Only thing is not sure what my actual final gravity is since I didn’t take a gravity reading before adding fruity pebbles post fermentation (not sure what that added exactly) Also, I don’t really taste the fruity pebbles but turned out good.

OG: 1.076

FG: 1.022

7.1% ABV (thinking it should have ended around 1.014 conservatively, mashed at 154F) used US-04 yeast (may have been better used something fruitier?)

10# Pilsner malt

2# Maris Otter

1# flaked pats

2# white wheat

2# flaked wheat

12.6oz Carapils

1# fruity pebbles (mash)

1# lactose (last 5 mins of boil)

1oz magnum -60 min

.5 oz of Citra/Azacca/HBC 586 -10 mins

8 oz Fruity Pebbles -5 mins

1 oz of Citra/Azacca/HBC 586 -0mins

Dry hopped a week after brew day with 1oz of Citra/Azacca/HBC

3 days later added 10oz fruity pebbles in a bag and let sit for another week.

I would maybe recommend doing a gravity reading before adding the cerealto get an accurate gravity reading and maybe a different yeast, perhaps kveik or something that adds fruity notes.


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