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The small orange tree planted by one of our customer has already grown fruit

Time: 2023-07-25 Comment: 34

Today is a sunny day, when I walking in the company's small garden, suddenly saw this orange tree by the roadside, can not help but think of its origin. I remember this little tree was three years ago in the spring when one of our agents in Denver said, "coff has a beautiful site. I want to plant a tree here." On the same day, the guest brought an orange tree from nowhere and planted it directly. He told us that "this young tree hopes to grow quickly, just like coff Company, which is progressing and growing little by little, and more like the friendship between coff and me is getting deeper and deeper". Until now, this customer has cooperated with us for 8 years and is very satisfied with our quality and detail treatment. coff always adheres to the concept of "customer first, heart service" in business. During the three-year epidemic, this guest could not come to our company. However, in addition to business communication, we established a deeper friendship for the tree he planted at that time. This customer will visit our company in October this year. I believe he will be happy to see this small sapling turned into a small tree. Let's cheers for the orange tree!

We often take pictures of the growth of this small tree to show our clients. For example, now that it has borne fruit and grown a few green oranges, we estimate it will be ready to eat soon? Watching the small tree grow vigorously, we and our customers are very happy. We hope that our company can also grow healthily and grow stronger together with the small tree!


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