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The scene of the 200l oil heating beer brewery system used in the Mallika Brewing bar in Japan

Time: 2022-10-26 Comment: 44

Mallika Brewing Bar in Japan ordered COFF's  patented 200L oil heating brewery system in February 2022, which include 200L fermentation tank, 100L brite tank and 50L hop back


The functions of the oil heatingbrewing system are: 200L Mash&Lauter tun (oil heating), 200L Kettle&whirlpool tun (oil heating), and 200L hot water tank (oil heating).


The brewery system designed by COFF company can heat a single tank, or simultaneously heat two or three tanks during the operation. It enables brewers to bring flexibility and convenience inthebeer brewing. For example, when the Kettle is heating the wort, the second batch of malt can be put into the mash tun, which greatly shortens the brewing time of the second batch of wine. If brewing 2 batches of wine in one day, our oil heating system can shorten the time by 2-3 hours compared with conventional electric heating and steam heating.


The  patented oil heating beer brewery system developed by COFF company can not only be used in beer brewing, but also in liquid heating in different industries.


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