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The oil heating brewery system developed by COFF Company obtained China's R&D patent certificate in August 2019

Time: 2022-08-16 Comment: 75

Since 2017, COFF company has successively invested 2 million RMB in research and development funds, focusing on the research and development of oil-heated brewery system, and developed the first-generation 100L oil-heated beer brewing system in November 2017,and passed for 2 consecutive months Uninterrupted equipment runs burn-in tests.COFFis more familiar with and mastered the performance of oil heating equipment, and in 2018, COFF company submitted a research and development patent application to the State Intellectual Property Office of China. Obtained the patent certificate issued by the State Intellectual Property Office of China in August 2019.



In February 2018, COFF Company started to upgrade according to the first-generation 100L oil-heated beer brew system, and successfully upgraded to the second-generation oil-heated brewery system. At this time, COFF Company expanded the specifications of the oil-heated system to 100L, 200L, 300L, 500L.


In May 2018, our agent in the United States decided to use the second-generation oil heating beerbrewery system developed by us for agency sales in the United States, and customized 2BBL oil heating beer brewery system for promotion and sales. In February 2019, according to the feedback from the American agent, COFF carried out the third product upgrade of the oil heating beerbrew system. The purpose of this upgrade is mainly to improve the appearance and function of the equipment. At the same time, COFF participated in the Nuremberg Craft Beer Equipment Exhibition in Germany in October 2019. The product exhibited was the 2BBL third-generation oil heating beerbrew system, which was recognized by customers. A home brewing equipment sales company in the United States was on the spot at the exhibition site. Sign a contract and become an agent of COFF.




Since the 2019 Nuremberg Craft Beer Equipment Exhibition in Germany, COFF has once again upgraded the oil-heated beer brew system for the fourth time, which is currently the latest COFF company, the fourth-generation oil-heated beer brew system. This upgrade mainly reflects the concept of energy saving and environmental protection, and can simultaneously heat the mash tank, boil tank, hot water tank, and can also heat a single container that needs to be heated.



Advantages of oil heating beer brew system:

1. Compared with steam heating: the heating efficiency of oil heating is increased by 20%

2. At least reduce water consumption every year: 50kL

3. Saving electricity consumption every year: 3800KWH

4:Modular design saves space

Energy-saving features of oil heating beerbrew system:

1. Energy saving: The electricity consumption is lower than that of steam heating, and there is no need to waste the condensed water produced by the tap water to the steam boiler.

2. Improve heating efficiency: when the oil temperature is set to 150℃

28℃--60℃, heating time: 20min;

60℃--80℃, heating time: 20min;

80℃--100℃, heating time: 25min;

3. The heating is uniform, the boiling intensity is high, and the local high temperature caused by direct fire or electric heating is avoided to destroy the taste of the wort.

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