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The New Year has Passed, Struggle together

Time: 2021-03-02 Comment: 86

       With the perfect end of the Spring Festival holiday, COFF has been working hard. At the beginning of the New Year, new and old customers' trust in COFF has been strengthened again, so orders are coming one after another.It is hoped that customers who trust COFF so much will also believe in COFF's production capacity and quality control ability.In the next six months, we need to work overtime to do a good job for every customer.

       COFF also wants the rest of Covid-19 to be over soon.COFF, who has taken a rest for a year, did not discuss business face to face with new and old customers or chat about work and life.I hope to participate in international exhibitions this year or next year, and bring the latest concept, latest products and latest services of COFF to our customers who need them.


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