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The exhibit 200L oil-heated beer equipment is under intense production.

Time: 2023-10-24 Comment: 45

The 200L oil-heated beer equipment on display is in intensive production. We look forward to seeing you at Drink Japan 2023!

■ Exhibition Schedule ■ Dates : Dec.6 (Wed)-8 (Fri),2023 

Hours : 10:00-17:00 

Venue : Tokyo Big Sight South Hall 3-11-1 Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo, Japan 135-0063

Our booth number is [ 22-37 ]


COFF started to develop craft beer equipmentoil heated brewing system in 2018, by now we have updated our patented productsto the fourth generation, with a full range of specifications from 100L - 1000L.

Let's take 100L oil heating beer brewing system as an example:

1. Compared with steam heating, the heating efficiency of oil heating is 25% higher.

2. reduce water consumption by at least 50kL per year.

3. 3800 kWh of electricity saved per year.

4. modular design saves space.


Ningbo coff company was founded in 2017, has been engaged in the manufacture of craft beer equipment, our company has more than 10 years of design team in the industry (and independent product development ability), more than 15 years of construction team and brewing process team, so we are mature in treating the manufacture of craft beer equipment.

If you have any need, please  contact me, even just to make a friend!





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