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The Brew system of the 15BBL direct fire heating craft beer equipment ordered by a customer in Washington, USA

Time: 2022-07-26 Comment: 85

The brew system function of this 15BBL direct fire heating craft beer equipment is composed of: 15BBL Mash&Lauter, 20BBL boil kettle&whirlpool, and 45BBL electric heating hot water tank.

All pipelines use pneumatic butterfly valves. The mixing adjustment of cold and hot water adopts manual diaphragm valve, so that the flow of cold and hot water can be adjusted accurately. The equipment was shipped to Washington, USA on June 17, 2022. This client found us through an introduction from our Denver client and saw our equipment at the Denver client's winery site. COFF always starts from the quality and practicality of the equipment, and has won unanimous praise from customers. We are constantly learning to improve the usefulness of our equipment.


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