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The 30bbl and 90bbl mixing tanks are under pressure test

Time: 2023-04-11 Comment: 55

The 30bbl and 90bblmixing tanksare under pressure test

This client is a resident of Oregon, USA. After inspecting our things locally, he got in touch with us via Google. As you can see, he bought eight 30 bbl and eight 90 bbl mix tanks. The initial production process is already underway, and the subsequent processes will be updated gradually. To keep our clients informed about the status of their orders, we typically update them once a week on the production process. Your thoughts on our service? Typically, we will test twice, with a gap of 15-20 hours between each test, to prevent leaks following cladding installation. To give our consumers the greatest goods, we must include quality testing into every step of the process. AllCOFFemployees have this as their objective, and we are still carrying it out.

 If you have any inquiries, please get intouch with us!


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