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Summarize Result of Coff Method to Infuse Beer with Coffee

Time: 2020-07-10 Comment: 126

As a coffee lovers, I love the process of brewing a cup coffee and like with brewing beer. I spent a lot of time looking at brewers’ processes on how to brew with coffee. So for those interested, I start my trail.

My Equipment:

Thermail oil heating brewhouse 1BBL

Electic power fermentation unitank


I in fact made a lot of mistakes in the process, here I am happy to share with all you.

Question: I added coffee at the time of boiling.

Answer: It is wrong, coffee has a lot of oils in it that can affect head retention if add in hot water.

Question: Can I try instant coffee as the oil content will be very low?

Answer: Instant coffee doesn’t taste good since coffee it’s not going to magically improve when added to beer.

Question: Whats’s the difference between dry bean and grounded coffee?

Answer: Grounded coffee has a much fainter coffee nose but the coffee flavor is shined. The dry bean was the opposite, the aroma was robust with a fruity punch, but there is less saturated coffee flavor.


I am lucky enough to team up local brewery, and experimented with different coffee infusion methods and varietal base beer. I will talk about different base beer nex time. What’s your idea? Share me your experience how to brew with different flavors through, I shall response to you immediately.


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