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Red Ale (barley)

Time: 2020-06-15 Comment: 129

Original wort concentration: 12P

Alcohol ABV: 4.5%

The bitterness value IBU: 12

         Raw materials: Australian and French malt, French English yeast,USA and German hops, medium hardness mineralized water.

        Tasting note: a very well-balanced fresh beer with wheat and fruit flavors. For Pale English style Ale, once poured, the amber color of the wine is fogged with yeast, with tiny bubbles and persistent white bubbles on the glass.Hops of citrus, floral, spiced notes, malt, wheat, bread, biscuit, and yeast-fermented pear and apple ester notes are quite soft to the heart.The taste is smooth and plump, full of foam and moderate taste, the malt and hops of the sweet and bitter balance of interweaved together, let a person linger.

    So,how  do we brew a memorable ale?COFF can supply the advanced oil-heating brewing system and Technical guidance on brewing.

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